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EG Embroiderers' Guild

Cover: Detail of a coif panel (Britain, 1600-25), linen embroidered with linen threads and spangles. See page 152. PHOTO BY JIM PASCOE

MAY 1999


THE VISUAL REFERENCE 2 136 Embroideries fro m sketchbooks Karen Butti

Editorial Doesn't it seem sometimes that life is full of coincidences? Lynn Szygenda's article on the history of the magazine (page 152), which related the tale of an unpicked coif, arrived in the same post as Eileen Hud on's copy of the Silver Jubilee iss ue which showed the coif in its ori ginal form. So, thanks to Eileen's kindness, we can see the difference. Thanks also to everyone who sent annuals, journals and pieces of information on our magazine's history. I was interested to read about the criticism of Eleanor French in 1934, and can imagine how the editor felt . However bravely we ask for feedback and resolve to take it on the chin, it's still your baby that's being attacked, and it is just as true today that new departures bring an equal number of plaudits and brickbats. That is why I'm so pleased that the Guild's new magazine, Stitch, will give us the opportunity to widen the field. Concentrating mainly on hand stitching, it will look at both the traditional use and creative possibilities of stitch. So another editor will discover the blood, sweat and tears that lead to the ultimate thrill of holding your brand new magazine, fresh from the printers. Just like childbirth, you immediately forget the pain and start planning the next one.

THE ETERNAL NUDE 139 T h e fi gure in paint and stitch Sue Macarthur

PUTTING THE BOOT IN 142 Doe Marten embellishment ]ackie Cardy


Setting th e Scottish scene Meriel Tilling

GIBBS & THE G-FRAME 150 Industria lisa ti o n and t h e sewing machine (P art 2) Wendy Adams

FOCUS ON EMBROIDERY 152 Embroidery magazine 1932 to 1950- a curator's view Lynn Szygenda

CANADIAN CONNECTION 154 A profile of J ane Kenyan Sarah Chilvers

THE RULES OF THE GAME 156 U nravelling some issues in amateur embroidery Anne ] ones


Featurin g Sue Rangeley


Inspiratio n fro m G iverny Liz Ashurst

COLLAGE & COLOUR 166 A suitable base fo r embroidery Anne Menary

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READERS' WEEKEND AND EXHIBITION 173 D etails o f the events at Voirrey Embroidery Centre, Wirral

EMBROIDERY FROM A TO Z 176 T akin g embroidery to th e people Sandra Greagsby

Websi te: http:/ /

The World of Embroidery incorporatin g Embroidery magazine. All editorial contents © The Embroiderers' Guild 1999 Printed by KSC Printers Ltd, High Brooms, Tunbridgc Wells, Kent All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmined in any mher form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photo-copying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of the Embroiderers' Guild.



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