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16 News Design Museum considers our current waste age, whilst the Barbican commissions Shilpa Gupta to create a multi-channel installation for The Curve.

26 10 to See This season's most exciting exhibitions include a show of new work from Dawoud Bey, and a celebration of Yale's first women students.


30 Creating Atmosphere Ellen Kooi's meticulous images echo the work of the Dutch Golden Age, highlighting a wider sense of tension: psychologically and geographically.

36 Textual Intervention Sophie Holden's inspiration comes from archive materials and vintage magazines, replicating their aesthetics with analogue film and annotations.

46 Terms of Engagement We survey a breadth of contemporary African art in light of an essential encyclopaedic volume, from Omar Victor Diop to Dawit L. Petros.

52 Networks from Above Andreas Gefeller's aerial photographs highlight the shapes and patterns of infrastructure. In the depths of night, whole cities are shot from above.

64 A Life Re-enacted In a series titled Santa Barbara, Diana Markosian draws on her autobiography, by weaving fantasy and reality together in a rescripting of memory.

70 Dynamic Self-Portraits Crescent moons, bending branches, manicured garlands and grouped balloons: these are the objects that characterise Fares Micue's works.

82 Art as Provocation What role do images play in our understanding of crisis? Thomas Wrede's photographs help to combat anthropocentrism at the Vienna Biennale.

88 Planes of Existence Kevin Cooley provides a phenomenological enquiry into humankind's relationship with the five elements: earth, air, fire, water and aether.

100 Modes of Expression How does style equate to a sense of belonging? This was the question posed by Casey Orr, who took to the UK high street for Saturday Girl.

106 Abstract Formations In the baking Berlin summer, Jessica Backhaus arranged a number of colourful paper cut-outs, capturing the results as they curled and bent.

116 Worlds of Disconnect Markus Guschelbauer places tree trunks against eye popping frames, juxtaposing flanks of lichen and peeling bark with candy-colour backgrounds.

124 Gallery Reviews 20 years on, Imperial War Museum remembers 9/11 with shots of Ground Zero. We also review Sarah Waiswa as part of Bristol Photo Festival.

129 Film & Music Gagarine is a drama set in the French housing project named after astronaut Yuri Gagarin, and Julia Shapiro returns with a brand new album.

Books 133 The Latest Publications Three radical new titles change the way we think about portraiture, the rise of the selfie and Black feminist theory – both in and out the gallery.

Artists’ Directory 140 Featured Practitioners This issue’s artists push the boundaries of their varied media, using a variety of techniques to present complex perspectives on the world.

Last Words

146 Ritika Biswas The Artistic Director of the 2021 Sea Art Festival, Busan, explores the themes of friction, resonance and kinship: art that considers our state of flux.

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