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Volume 13 Number 10

October 2021

The clinical monthly for emergency care professionals

EDITORIAL Seasonal flu vaccines and COVID boosters Kirsty Morgan and Sammer Tang 403

PRESCRIBING PARAMEDIC Legal aspects of prescribing Benjamin Flavell


EDUCATION Are paramedic graduates effectively prepared for death? A scoping review Anna Somers 408

EMERGENCY AND URGENT CARE Emergency primary and secondary systems assessment Sarah-Jane Stevens 414

RESEARCH Influence of time on the predictive value of the post-resuscitation ECG Carl Evans and Magnus Nelson 424

COMMENT PPE for Sars-Cov-2 and the utility of single-use aprons Wesley Howarth


STUDENT COLUMN My first year as a nurse paramedic student Philipa Duncan 436

PARAMEDIC ROLES A day in the life of a forensic paramedic Angela Moore 438






On p. 404, Benjamin Flavell looks at the legal aspects of prescribing for paramedics

Mission Statement: Journal of Paramedic Practice (JPP) is the only monthly peer-reviewed and evidence-based journal for the paramedic profession.

JPP provides the latest practical, clinical and professional information for all paramedics, including emergency care practitioners and assistants, medical technicians, critical care paramedics, combat medical technicians, and members of voluntary aid societies. JPP has a team of consultant editors with a strong commitment to paramedic sciences, as well as a prestigious editorial board that represents different strands of the profession.

JPP will help you update your knowledge in important areas of practice and ultimately deliver the best possible care to your patients. JPP also offers free online CPD modules for all subscribers, allowing you to fulfil your CPD requirements at a time suited to you.

Journal of Paramedic Practice • Vol 13 No 10

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