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42 The Nile Project

H a b i

G i r g i s

S m a l l I

s l a n d

B i g

S o n g

41 Small Island Big Song

UPFRONT 06 Top of the World CD 09 Bonus CD: Global

Sounds from Québec 10 What’s New 14 Obituaries 16 Folk Focus 19 Spotlight:

EarthPercent 20 Introducing...

Dongyang Gozupa & Mélisande [électrotrad] 22 Simon Says 23 Letters

FEATURES 26 Susana Baca

Profiling Peru’s first lady of music and activism 31 Music and the

Climate Crisis The artists from around the world taking a stand 32 South America

34 North America 36 Europe 39 Asia 41 Pacific 42 Africa 44 Arab EDM

How Sufi trance inspired an electronic generation

REVIEWS 50 Africa 52 Americas 58 Europe 63 Middle East 65 Pacific 66 Fusion 73 Classical & Jazz 74 World Cinema 77 Live Reviews

36 Arctic Ice Music

B j

ø r n

F u r s e t h

REGULARS 78 My World:

Michael Spitzer 81 Postcard from

Kagawa, Japan 82 Beginner’s Guide to

Ian Brennan 85 Dispatch from

Glasgow, Scotland 87 Quickfire 89 My Instrument:

Michael Levy & his lyre 91 Gig Guide 97 Soapbox 98 Essential 10:

Latin American Eco-tronica Albums

Ig o r d e

P a u l a ;

n g u p a k a r t i / d o b e

S t o c k

“The climate crisis cannot be disentangled from politics or poverty,

from social injustice and historical inequities… music, with its unique ability to weave dance and ideas, sorrow and joy, has a vital role to play”

t be poverty, torical unique ideas, e to play” on, p31

Chris Moss introduces our special edition, p31


32 Owerá

32 Ow

Spea clim the A

Speaking out about the climate crisis and its effect on the Amazon and its peoples



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