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i Leading articles

Roll up Rising seas iv Dis-con notes

Two revolutionary ideas John Stone v Covid ’science’, lockdowns and flat-earthers Experts have destroyed their own credibility Ramesh Thakur vi Australian notes

What would happen after a loss? James Allan vii Insufficient intent

Glasgow Grand Final Judith Sloan viii Business/Robbery etc.

A better way to spend the BCA’s $50 billion Michael Baume ix Once were revolutionaries

Left is what it despised Kerry Wakefield x The Covid hunt

Woke elites declare war on the unvaccinated Rebecca Weisser xi A different Afghanistan

ISKP and the Taliban Qanta Ahmed xii Xi’s battle for absolute contro

Politics is local. Even in China Kevin Andrews

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Spectator Australia letters to the editor and

Ain’t easy being green, p12


3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary Would your party pass the ‘Gove Test’? Andrew Roberts 6 Politics The dangers of a Covid state of mind James Forsyth 7 Rod Liddle

Israel has been spared Sally Rooney 11 Douglas Murray The pandemic has made cynics of us all 12 Barometer ‘Problematic’ villages,

greenhouse gases and Covid measures 15 Ancient and modern

Aristotle and transphobia 19 Julie Burchill The sultans of sulk 20 Letters The looming energy crisis,

bungalows and in praise of Irn Bru 21 Any other business

Why we should all start hoarding cash and loo rolls Martin Vander Weyer

Charles Moore is away.

Basic witch, p26

8 Baby doomers

The generation putting the planet before parenthood Madeleine Kearns 9 N.S. Thompson

‘Latchkey Kids’: a poem 10 You must be kidding

There’s no way I could bring children into this world Tom Woodman 12 Pass judgment

Italy’s anti-Green Pass movement has a new figurehead Manfred Manera 14 Right turn

Boris is returning conservatism to its roots Tim Stanley 16 Goodbye to Beirut

What has happened to Lebanon is a tragedy Paul Wood 17 Letter from Gozo

The problem with fish eyes Prue Leith 18 Whatnots to like

The joy of a cluttered museum Laura Freeman

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