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Cover Story Reinventing Hospitality Exclusive Interview with Dr. Jeffrey O CEO of the International Hospitality Institute


Innovation Being Agile in The Tech Industry: Sticking to Your Guns or Applying Your Expertise? David De Cremer


Digital Transformation Where Does Resilience Come From? It’s Your Progress in Digital Transformation, Especially in Times of Crisis Howard Yu and Shan Jialu


Business Rethinking Business in Times of Growing Complexity Hubert Etienne and J. Mark Munoz


Leadership Quantum Leadership for Recovery Vlatka Hlupic


Digital Transformation Five Questions for Business Leaders in Search o Next-Level Data Analytics Andrew Dunbar


Risk Management The Need to Rethink Risk Governance Pedro B. Água


Global Economy A New Proposal for the G20 to Strengthen the Global Financial Safety net Brahima Coulibaly and Eswar Prasad


Finance Why Alternative Finance Is Moving Into The Mainstream Paresh Raja


Europe The European Economic Outlook and the European Central Bank’s Policy Dilemma Chan Kung and Wei Hongxu


Private Equity Private Equity – Resilience Leads to Opportunity Philip Dakin


Germany Has the Time for Germany’s Liberals Finally Arrived? Rainer Zitelmann


Sustainable Banking In Banking, Sustainability is the New Digital. Now What? Christof Innig


Renewable Energy Renewable Energy Use after the Pandemic Ariane Evertz, Philipp Manuel Reynders, Sandra Felicitas Willert, and Michael Palocz-Andresen


Luxury Improving the Emotional Mix of Buying Luxury Francine Espinoza Petersen and Mariana Soberano


Business Will Brand UK Recover from the Pandemic? Atul Bhakta


International Relations Britain’s Scramble Out of Kabul; the Moral and Strategic Cost Michael Clarke

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empowering communication globally

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