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CONTENTSNovember 2021 • Volume 93 • Issue 11

22SAVINGFORESTS/STORINGCARBON Efforts to halt climate change will fall flat without action to protect the world’s tropical forests. Jacob Dykes explores the roster of new financial and technological tools for forest protection.

30THENETZEROQUESTION The phrase net zero polarises scientists and environmental campaigners like no other. Mark Rowe explores.

36ADAPTTOSURVIVE Bryony Cottam discovers the innovative ways in which some nations are adapting to the climatic changes they face.

42GLOBAL SOUTH SOLUTIONS Matt Maynard talks to six climate leaders in civil and political society to find out more about the climate challenges facing their countries.


OCEANS OF CHANGE Katie Burton visits the National Oceanographic Centre, the home of pioneering ocean research.


SAVING VENICE Simon Mundy charts the development of Venice’s ambitious flood defence system: Mose.

64 Find out more about the benefits of joining at

RGS panel

HOLDING TO ACCOUNT Sophie Tuson explores the rise of climate litigation as a powerful tool to hold power to account.

REGULARS 8 Climatewatch: Charting the progress of COP 14 Geopolitical hotspot: Good COP/Bad COP 17 Geo-graphic: Temperature rise & the biggest emitters 70 Reviews: Books and documentaries 74 Where in the World? 75 Crossword 78 In Society; RGS–IBG Events

CLIMATE FOCUS 12 Rachel Kyte 20 China 20 Arctic caves 49 Models and feedbacks 56 Island nations 72 Taking action 77 Scotland 82 What you can do


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