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Regulars Editor’s Letter by Aurora Sothis 1 Sacred World by Cherry Sterne 2 President’s Letter by Sarah Kerr 4 50th Anniversary update by Sarah Kerr 5 Letters to the editor 6 News by Sarah Kerr 7 Healing 101 by Sarah Kerr 8 Children and Families by Hannah Semple 10 Environment by Tom Hibbert 14 Herbalism by Val Thomas 16 Practically Pagan 26 The Quiet Revolution with Nimue Brown 39 Moon Books partnership by Trevor Greenfield 49 Reviews 51 Features The Quiet Folklore of Preston by Peter Banister 12 Do Rituals Work Online? by Sylvia Rose 18 To Kill or Cure: The use of Poisonous Plants in Traditional Magic by Elisa M Gray 22 Working the Threads: Recovering the Lost Art of Seiðr by Laura Brookes 33 A Mystery Tradition: Initiation into The Mysteries of Witchcraft by Joanna van der Hoeven 36 Creating Sacred Space by Fiona Dowson 40 Contemporary Witchcraft in a Modern World by Frances Billinghurst 43 Psychopomp – A Healer of the Dead by Chris Allaun 45 Seeking in the Mists: Gods and Goddesses of Ireland by Morgan Daimler 47

About Pagan Dawn

Pagan Dawn is published by the Pagan Federation, ISSN No 1357-5147. Please send enquiries, letters and review books to: Pagan Dawn, BM Box 7097, London, WC1N 3XX, UK. Submissions: Original artwork, photos, articles on the PF’s work, polytheism, philosophy, esoteric arts or folklore, to pagandawn@ We reserve the right to abridge content and edit for style, grammar, clarity and accuracy. The editor’s decision is final. For advertising, email pd.publisher@ Submission deadlines for forthcoming issues: 8th October 2021, 14th February 2022, 9th May 2022 and 8th August 2022 Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in Pagan Dawn by writers are not necessarily those of the Pagan Federation or its officers. All articles/artwork remain the copyright of the author/artist. The Pagan Federation retains typographical copyright on all content typeset by Pagan Dawn, the Pagan Federation, or its staff. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced, except for short passages for criticism or review, without written permission from the publishers.

Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Aurora Sothis Deputy Editor: Cherry Sterne Production Manager & Lead Designer: Lucia Segura Design Team: Jessica Hayes, Lucia Segura Proofing & Editing Team: Ailim, Florian Auerochs, Rose Broderick, Carolyn Dougherty, Shelley Hollingsworth, Nell, Sylvia Rose, Cherry Sterne, Allegra Swann, Ayshea Simpson, Ed Taylor Publications Officer: Rich Blackett Cover design: Lucia Segura

Pagan Federation Key Contacts

To report cases of discrimination: PF Youth Officer: Interfaith queries: Pagan Federation LGBTQIA Officer: For enquiries related to the PF prison chaplains and ministry: PF President: All enquiries from the media: (England & Wales), (Scotland)

PF membership: For grievances about the conduct of the Pagan Federation itself: To order Pagan Federation merchandise and products: For enquiries related to the Pagan Federation websites: All other matters and general enquiries contact: Pagan Federation Scotland: For info on Pagan Federation International (outside UK):

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