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Cover Sun, Moon, and Five Peaks, 19th century/early 20th century, Korea, colours on silk, 196.1 × 364.8cm (overall, six panels). National Palace Museum of Korea, Seoul See feature on pp. 48–53


19 Editor’s Letter 20 Agenda

November highlights 22 Forum

Should museums really be dabbling in NFTs? 25 Diary

Rosamund Bartlett on Dostoevsky’s delight in the Old Masters 29 Letter

Samuel Reilly at the birthplace of David Livingstone in Scotland 32 Architecture

Will Wiles on the ambiguities of architectural photography 34 Inquiry Kirsten Tambling on Louis Wain,

the man who drew cats 39 Asian Art in London Preview

Emma Crichton-Miller selects her highlights of the event

Features 42 Happy Medium

Tacita Dean tells Robert Barry why working with film is much the same as working in paint or marble 48 Palace Intrigue

Andrew Russeth finds a vanished world of imperial splendour at the National Palace Museum of Korea 54 What the Butlers Saw

Susan Moore visits Katharine Butler, whose father Michael built up the world’s largest collection of 17th-century Chinese porcelain 62 Up Close and Personal

The writer Vernon Lee was ahead of her time in her focus on the physical effects of looking at paintings, writes Claudia Tobin


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