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MARKET REVIEW 36 On the prowl for new revenues

Client appetite for data is on the rise, and it is something which a number of the leading global custodian banks are looking to capitalise on. Some experts even argue that the delivery of cutting-edge data solutions could eventually generate more revenues for custodians than their traditional services.

46 SFDR is the new GDPR for US managers

The EU’s sustainability regulation is already making an impact outside its jurisdiction.

50 Securities lending innovation heats up

Innovation is flooding the global securities lending market with new FinTechs and agency lending firms launching services aimed at opening the practice to a wider range of firms, as we look at the players making moves in this space.

SURVEY 65 The Agent Banks in Major Markets

Survey | The thrill is gone After a few years of what in schools is called ‘grade inflation’, agent bank clients have revised their assessments downwards.

Fall 2021 5

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