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Anthony Cody responds to the late Chicanx poet Francisco X Alarcón


Ogaga Ifowodo



Close Reading Helen Bowell reviews Jason Allen-Paisant, Tess Taylor and Jen Hadfield 92 Claire Crowther reviews Tishani Doshi, Alice Hiller and Christopher Meredith 95 Rob A. Mackenzie reviews Dom Bury, Jenny Mitchell and Maria Stadnicka 98 Ian McEwen reviews Steve Ely, Luke Kennard and Nuzhat Bukhari 101

The Articles

What does the Anthropocene mean to you? 36 Cheryl Moskowitz interviews six leading young poets

“We have been living in the Anthropocene for hundreds of years” 111 a conversation with Kei Miller


The Cure

Deryn Rees-Jones Oil



Isobel Dixon Wildfire, Big Basin


David Olsen Feeding My Period Blood to the Wordsworths’ Garden 11 Anna Selby An Apology of Hair for my Unborn Grandchildren 12 Tamsin Hopkins Uranium’s Daughters 13 A C Bevan Nothing Remains Unmarked 14 Courtney Conrad The Incontinence of Snow 15 Jayant Kashyap Leaves of Grass 16 Fiona Sampson Blackwater 18 Daniel Fraser Extinction Étude 19 Agata Maslowska Vestige 20 Grace Wells The Wind in the Willows 22 Zaffar Kunial Distancing 23 Laboni Islam Anthropocene Blessing: Sumatran Tiger 23 Britney Corrigan ‘The tree frog is going extinct 24 Isabel Galleymore

Don’t Bother the Earth Spirit 25 Joy Harjo Drawn by Your Arms 26 Nnimmo Bassey Velella velella 28 Rebecca Sharp before 30 Lydia Harris Pococurante 30 Julie Hogg Meadow Talk 31 Maria Sledmere Sken Cycles II 34 Tom Crompton Climate Change (Bedecked in Ocean Plastic) Visits Her Therapist 42 Linda France Ghost gear / Abraded synthetics / Microbeads 43 Richard Price Fish-skin bag 44 Jane Lovell The Starfish 45 Luke Morgan Ten minutes after 46 Karen McCarthy Woolf Meeting in Deep Time 49 Kelly Davis Doggerland 49 Genevieve Carver Ortolan 50 Corinna Wagner House Hunting 51 Heidi Beck

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