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The Ruined Cottage


Jack Thacker we know little of the gorgeous sky’s intentions 52 Susannah Dickey Back from the dead 53 Selina Nwulu Is the wind so dirty? 54 Emily Bludworth de Barrios County Down Heatwave 55 Grainne Tobin bleaching 56 Matthew Griffiths The Nothing as Low Pressure System 56 Ryan Collins Meteor 57 Nicholas Hogg Organic me 58 Shamshad Khan The moon people explain the stars 59 Tom Sastry The Green Man Never Pees But He Does Leave Acorns in the Bathroom 60 Helen Bowell Shampoo 61 Nicki Heinen Live Feed Shark Lagoon 62 Saskia McCracken flubbergust 63 Simon Alderwick How the Starfish Came to Be 64 Shara Lessley First broadcast received 65 Patrick Davidson Roberts What Becomes of the City when the Grain Runs Out? 66 Dom Bury

Naming the Paradise Parrot, Psephotellus pulcherrimus 67 Miranda Cichy On his Five Hundredth Birthday 71 Penelope Shuttle The Rock Stacker 72 Lindsey Holland Once We Were Wolves 74 Adam Lowe Anthropause in the Concert Hall 74 Jack Thacker Geoguessr Street View; or, somebody knows what happened here 75 Samuel Tongue Earth ƒƒƒƒ 77 Susan Charkes Fossdyke and the Native Speed of Birds 78 Fee Griffin All my favourite flowers 80 Mish Green Astrology Ahead of the Banyan Burning 81 Prerana Kumar Truck Stop, Jacksonville, Florida, December 82 Paul Ings Hope 83 Nia Solomon The Charcoal Burner’s Wife 84 Karen Jane Cannon Steam Tables 85 Judy Brown The Detectorist 86 David Greenwood Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail 87 Julian Bishop

Quarry Trail, Fossil Park; Mid-December Walk 88 Nick Conrad Down the Athabasca 89 Kit Ingram Sediment, Calzada de Ticomán 90 Patrick McCafferty from ‘resurfacing’ 104 Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán Sundarban 105 Barsa Ray Aqua Terra 106 Michael Brown Beds in the East 107 John Greening Ysbyty Ifan 108 Lauren Thomas oil 108 Sarah Hymas I leave the earth of sober houses 109 Claire Trévien Extinction 110 David Thompson Jellyfish and cows will be the last animals left 110 Alice Willitts After/life 115 Zoë Brigley

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