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03 Editorial

05 Insight Muriel Gray comments on the significance of a sledge made in the Arctic

07 News

11 Acquisitions

15 Gifts from the past Stephen Coppel shows how successive benefactors shaped a collection of work by an Australian artist

17 Around the UK

20 Across the world

22 Diary

24 The world of Stonehenge Neil Wilkin shines a light on Britain’s best-loved Prehistoric monument and the society that created it

30 Poetic prints Akiko Yano introduces a collection of Japanese woodblock prints made in Kyoto and Osaka

Hokusai, ‘Mei Jianchi avenges himself on his enemies’, from The Great Picture Book of Everything,

1820s–40s. Purchase funded by the Theresia Buch Bequest, in memory of her parents Rudolph and Julie Buch, with support from Art Fund (with a contribution from the Wolfson Foundation).

34 Dynastic ambitions Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis tells the story of Iran’s Pahlavi dynasty through coins and medals

36 How old was humanity? Clive Gamble looks back at a year when ideas about the origins of human civilisation were turned on their head

40 The forgotten fall of the Roman Empire Edward J. Watts discusses the decline and medieval rebirth of the Roman Empire

44 Postcards from the Acropolis Thomas Kiely highlights some remarkable images produced by visitors to the Parthenon

48 Women who dared to rule Katherine Pangonis gives an insight into some formidable female rulers of medieval Jerusalem

52 Early human violence Daniel Antoine, Isabelle Crevecoeur and Julie Anderson review what science is now telling us about Palaeolithic Egypt

54 Tantric goddess Imma Ramos presents a specially commissioned Bhutanese work

56 Indian polymath Andrew Robinson celebrates the work of Satyajit Ray

59 Book reviews

64 Curator’s choice Julie Adams investigates a barkcloth beater

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Cover Milky way over Stonehenge by Dr Sebastian Voltmer/

British Museum Magazine Winter 2021


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