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EDWARD KENNETT Close to calling it quits, Edward Kennett is now hoping his move to Plymouth will reignite his career – despite the extra miles involved...

LYMOUTH signing Edward Kennett saw his 2021 season grind to an early halt when Eastbourne hit the skids financially and folded in August.

PWhile Edward admits quitting the sport had crossed his mind, he felt things were on the up before the rug was pulled from under the Arlington club. He said: “I had hit a really bad patch and everything I tried kept failing basically. Whatever I did just kept knocking me back down again. Then, in one meeting, it all twisted around. I gained my confidence a bit and I started to enjoy it more. Unfortunately, that’s when it came to an end.

There were suggestions that the Sussex racer would call time on his career following the closure of his boyhood club – also represented by his father Dave and uncles Gordon and Barney in decades past.

“There was a moment when I thought it was time to hang my steel shoe up. I am glad that I stuck at it because I enjoyed the last few meetings I had at Eastbourne. What happened happened, but now I look forward to next year.”

With Kennett competing solely in the SGB Championship, he admits the lack of meetings as British speedway emerged from its pandemic-enforced shutdown in 2020 made finding his form tough.

“I just think it was confidence,” he said. “I was put in at No. 1 because of my average and I think not riding enough didn’t help. I was going to some meetings when I hadn’t ridden for two weeks and then I was in heat one against riders who were riding twice a week or three times. I just seemed to be lacking confidence really.”

Not only is Kennett racing on with Plymouth in 2022, he also has his sights set on stepping back up into the SGB Premiership.

“It’s definitely on my mind,” he said. “I nearly moved to Sheffield last year. But I was in my low period and I turned it down because I wanted to sort myself out at Eastbourne. In some ways, I wish I had taken the chance and gone there. I still believe I am capable of going out there and scoring points.”

Kennett hopes his efforts to pile up the points will be boosted by a much-needed operation to fix metalwork inserted into his arm, which he broke when he crashed at a World Longtrack qualifier in the Czech Republic in 2018.

“I am going for an arm operation within the next couple of months,” he said. “I have had a struggle over the last couple of years with that. Hopefully that will finally get sorted.

“I have raced with a plate in there, but I’ve had some issues with the plate moving and I don’t have full movement in my arm.

“They are basically going to have to break my arm again. All the fragments have joined together and I haven’t got much movement. So they are going to clean it out.”


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