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Editor’s letter

Mission statement

Land Mobile informs the complete wireless communications for business buying chain in the UK – all the way from the manufacturer to the end user.

As the leading magazine for wireless communications for business, we are commi ed to providing our readers with the knowledge they need to procure the technology and services that best meet their requirements. We do this through accurate, timely and thorough reporting of best practice, new products, industry trends and regulatory changes.

We recognise that innovation knows no borders, and neither do we in our hunt for the most cu ingedge technologies and their deployment. Whether it be in print, online, or through our social media channels, we act as a hub through which key decision makers in the industry can reach out to each other.

This market would be nothing without its people and we give them a platform to voice their concerns and share their extensive experience. We promise to tell your story honestly and without bias and to champion your interests.


Out with the old…

This is the last issue of Land Mobile for 2021, and as such it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on some of the potential learnings for the sector during what, at times, has been an extraordinarily diffi cult 12 months.

As no one will need reminding, the past year has been dominated by the COVID-19 virus, which, even with the development of several vaccines, has continued to exert an inordinate influence over how we do business and live our lives. As if that weren’t enough, meanwhile, since spring we’ve also seen disruption in the UK-wide supply chain, something which again has made things demonstrably more diffi cult than they would be in a ‘normal’ year.

As disruptive as these diffi culties have been, however, they have at the same time also provided the opportunity for business communications to demonstrate its value as a sector.

This is something we have focused on across the year with features looking at

“This issue, we look at the development of 5G from the perspective of the market”

‘remote working’ platforms, Coronavirus detection solutions and more. In the current issue, meanwhile, we explore the use of body-worn video for security in an increasingly fraught retail environment (page 16), as well as the deployment of lone-worker solutions for those providing community care (page 24).

This issue also sees the culmination of another series of features running across the course of this year, looking at the ongoing development and deployment of 5G technology in the business space. Whereas previously we have focused primarily on the user perspective, this time we are examining the market itself via an interview with Ericsson’s strategy and market development director, Jason Johur (page 12).

Johur has some compelling things to say about adoption of the technology, primarily across the – famously risk averse – mission-critical verticals. At the same time, he also offers food for thought about the multi-stakeholder dialogue necessary in order to develop certain products for particular markets.

Staying on the subject of ‘mission critical’, this issue also features news from BAPCO’s recent annual event, which took place in Coventry in October. Focussing primarily on its always hotly anticipated Emergency Services Network content, our conference report (page 30) contains genuine good news about the previously troubled project.

Enjoy the issue.

Philip Mason, editor

November 2021 | | Twitter:@Land_Mobile

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