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Holbein Capturing Character Edited by Anne T. Woollett Best known for his stunning portraits of nobles, ladies, scholars, and merchants, this catalogue explores the vibrant visuals and intellectual approach of German artist Hans Holbein.

The Renaissance Restored Paintings Conservation and the Birth of Modern Art History in Nineteenth-Century Europe Matthew Hayes This handsomely illustrated book traces the intersections of art history and paintings restoration in nineteenth-century Europe and proposes a model for a new conservation history.

Watteau at Work La Surprise Emily A. Beeny, Davide Gasparotto, and Richard Rand Marking the three hundredth anniversary of Jean Antoine Watteau’s death, this publication takes a close, revealing look at his recently rediscovered painting La Surprise.

A Maya Universe in Stone Edited by Stephen Houston The ‚irst study devoted to a single sculptor in ancient America, as understood through four unprovenanced masterworks traced to a small sector of Guatemala.

Rubens in Repeat The Logic of the Copy in Colonial Latin America Aaron M. Hyman This book examines the reception of Peter Paul Rubens in Latin America, showing how colonial artists used his prints to forge new frameworks for artistic creativity.

Rubens Picturing Antiquity Edited by Anne T. Woollett, Davide Gasparotto, and Jeffrey Spier This catalogue is the ‚irst study devoted to classical art’s vital creative impact on the work of the Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens.

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