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Sismondi: The History of the Italian Republics, by J. C. L. de

Sismondi (Dent, 1907) Stern: Gold and Iron: Bismarck, Bleichroder and the Building of the German Empire, by Fritz Stern (Penguin, 1987) Strachan: The First World War: Vol. I, Call to Arms: (OUP, 2001) Stubbs: The Constitutional History of England in its Origin and

Development, by William Stubbs (3 vols., OUP, 1891) Taylor I: The Origins of the Second World War, by A. J. P. Taylor

(Hamish Hamilton, 1961) Taylor II: The Struggle for Mastery in Europe, by A. J. P. Taylor

(OUP, 1954) Thierry: The Norman Conquest of England, by A. Thierry

(2 vols., Dent, 1906) Thomas: The Conquest of Mexico, by Hugh Thomas

(Hutchinson, 1993) Thucydides: The Peloponnesian Wars, trans. Rex Warner

(Penguin, 1972) Tooze: The Wages of Destruction: The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy, by Adam Tooze (Pengin, 2006) Trevelyan: England under Queen Anne (3 vols.), by G. M.

Trevelyan (Longmans, 1930–4) Tyerman: God’s War: A New History of the Crusades, by

Christopher Tyerman (Allen Lane, 2006) Weber: Political Writings, by Max Weber, edited by Peter

Lassman and Ronald Spiers (CUP, 1994) Wickham: The Inheritance of Rome: A History of Europe, by

Chris Wickham (Allen Lane, 2009) Wilson: Europe’s Tragedy: A History of the Thirty Years War, by

Peter Wilson (Allen Lane, 2009) Woodruff: The Struggle for World Power 1500–1980, by William

Woodruff (Macmillan, 1981) Zamoyski: 1812: Napoleon’s Fatal March on Moscow, by Adam

Zamoyski (HarperCollins, 2004)


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