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provoking both the Christian and the Jewish Zionists in the country. Netanyahu could comfortably remain obdurate.

What, one wonders, would Lewis Way make of the actual outcome of his efforts for the restoration of the Jews? The early twenty-first century is separated from the early nineteenth by upheavals that would have beggared even his vivid imagination. Antichrists and Armageddons have come and gone, peace treaties have been signed and torn up. Yet it is striking how far the two aspects of Way’s legacy, the British and the American, still reflect the different sides of his own divided personality. Would he have recognised himself in the intellectual and urbane Arthur Balfour, or in the fire-and-brimstone fundamentalist Jerry Falwell? One can only set out the remarkable and neglected story of his journey, respect the generosity of his intentions, and echo the hope expressed in one of his hymns to Zion:

No more shall violence and war Thy sure foundations raze; For, lo! Thy walls salvation are, Thy gates eternal praise!


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