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exhibits a little excitement at the announcement that Aunt Matilda has given him a new automobile, but relapses into a moody gloom when he hears what make it is, for people are no longer buying that sort of car. It is only when dear old grandpapa is discovered to have presented him with a block of Bethlehem Steel that he becomes really cheerful. He instructs Wilberforce to get his broker on the ‘phone first thing when the exchange re-opens. He also asks Wilberforce to call up grandpapa and thank him.

Wilberforce then tactfully withdraws. The youth lights a cigarette and leans back wearily on the pillows.

I love the old carols of Yuletide. One hears them all too little nowadays.

How full they were of the spirit of optimism and consolation. That one about ‘Christmas Comes But Once a Year!’ . . . That is my favourite, I think.


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