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– Characters and Correspondents –

Agatha and Boris – German friends living in Dusseldorf who frequently visit the Isle of Hydra, Greece, where I have owned a house for over forty-five years Alan – Lily Mack’s English husband Aleksy Nowak – Jewish archivist Anna Stein – a reader from California Bob – original editor of Anne Frank Remembered at Simon & Schuster Bram Cloet – a Dutch reader of my work Denny – professional editor and long-time New York-based friend Dorothy – my father’s older sister, a card-carrying Communist active in progressive causes, especially Labor Unions ‘Faruk Ulster’ – name on scam email Gerda – nurse originally from Dublin who once saved my life Gerlof – family friend of Miep’s and of her son Ivan van Haak – notary for Tinneka’s estate Lydia – wife of a Croatian novelist, living in Berlin


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