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Lily Mack – dynamic Russian woman who became a lifelong friend and mentor, based on Hydra Louis de Soto – great-grandchild of Holocaust survivor Michael Beigel – child of Holocaust survivor living in Israel who spots, on the cover of my book Fiet’s Vase, his mother’s face in a photo of three survivors from 1945 M. Brown – woman from a home inventory services agency engaged to complete inventory of my deceased parents’ apartment Maarten – Dutch friend, a designer living in Spain Maggie – younger of my two sisters, ten years my junior, a film director, married to David, a musician Maria Mosca – a reader from Milan, Italy Miep Gies – originally from Vienna, came alone to Holland aged eleven, took Dutch nationality when she married Jan Gies (a Dutchman); both risked their lives to help – ­ultimately unsuccessfully – Anne Frank and her family hide from the Nazis during World War II; Miep rescued Anne’s diary after the arrests, hoping to return it to Anne after the war. When it was learned that Anne would not be coming back, Miep gave the diary to Otto Frank, Anne’s father Nancy – elder of my two sisters, four years my junior, owns a B & B in upstate New York Nolan Davis – friend and neighbor from childhood Oystein – acquaintance in Oslo, Norway Paul Gies – only son of Miep and Jan Gies, married to Lucie


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