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I am indebted to and acknowledge the following whose words have been shaken into this work as spice Charles Baudelaire, Samuel Beckett, Michael Beigel, Jeff

Blackborn, James Boswell, Bess Carrick, Constantine P. Cavafy, Paul Celan, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Susan Coolidge, Lydia Cosic, Ensemble Colin Decio Piano Trio, Dennison Demac, T. S. Eliot, Euripides, Anne Frank, Gerlof, Paul and Lucie Gies, Gilles, Mother Goose, John Hershey, George Hicks, Mary Hopkin, Sasha and Doris Jaeger, David Nolan, Alan Parkin, Melanie Safka, William Shakespeare,

Pieter van der Zwan, Marvin Waterlund, Marcus Weld,

YIVO, and Neil Young and to the Cahiers Series, Center for Writers & Translators, The American University of Paris and Sylph Editions, who previously published Part I of Found and Lost as ‘Lost and

Found’, Cahier #12, in 2010 and the following whose kindness and help is gratefully recognized

Melissa Brown, Talia and Thor Gold, Helle Valborg Goldman, Nancy Greenwald, Maggie Greenwald, Kirsty Gunn, Anna

‘Gerda’ Kennedy, Kim Kremer, Ivanka, Dincho, and Kristina Kovacheva, Anna Luerssen, Vickie Price, Gail Vanderhoof, Mark Walter; and, finally, as the ground buckles under us all, to the precious luminary without whose generosity and strong arm, flavor, aroma, and leavening would not have been stirred into an otherwise uncooked work:

Dan Gunn


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