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before taking the production to the Duchess Theatre in London and on tour around the United Kingdom over the next two years. I have been back to Edinburgh several times since – usually in one-man shows presented in the Pleasance Courtyard by a remarkable impresario called Nigel Klarfeld of Bound & Gagged Comedy (be sure to include the word ‘Comedy’ if you look up the company on your computer or you may end up in court) – and most recently with a show inspired by Michèle’s glorious collection of theatrical quotations. I am so happy – and so blessed – that I met her fifty years ago at that audition for Byron’s Cinderella. You should be glad, too. If it wasn’t for that chance encounter you would not be holding this very special book in your hands now.

Beginners please. House lights down. Curtain up. Turn the page. It’s show time. Break a leg!


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