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column, 21 June 1972, when she was 76

The terrible thing about acting in the theatre is that you have to do it at night. – Katherine Hepburn New York Times, 16 January 1976

Acting isn’t really a very high class way to make a living, is it? – Katherine Hepburn

Life’s what’s important. Walking, houses, family, birth and pain and joy. Acting’s just waiting for the custard pie. That’s all. – Katherine Hepburn

Acting is painting, not photography. – Derek Jacobi Sunday Times, 24 May 1992

It is a most unholy trade. – Henry James

Acting more than any other art is a demonstration of rebellion against the mundanity of everyday existence. – Micheal MacLiammoir

I think the whole business of being an actor and being part of entertainment, whether it be TV shows or stage shows or movies, is noble. You leam about everything, and you’re involved in something. You know what it is – it’s acting. Look at the doctors and the lawyers. They think they’re real people. – Walter Matthau, 1979; quoted in J. Green, A Dictionary of Contemporary Quotations, 1982

Acting is therefore the lowest of all the arts, if it is an art at all. – George Moore Mummer Worship

The whole matter of acting is enveloped with written and oral bosh. – George Jean Nathan Encyclopaedia of the Theatre, 1940

Acting should be seen and not written about. – Ibid.

If somebody asked me to put in a sentence what acting was, I should say that acting was the art of persuasion. – Laurence Olivier quoted in K. Tynan, Curtains, 1961

It does seem sometimes


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