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SHARIF Omar 1932–2015

Egyptian-born actor and film star Actors – Peter O’Toole SHAW George Bernard 1856–1950

Irish critic/playwright (St. Joan, Pygmalion) with radical beliefs about everything from vegetarianism to capitalism Acting; Actors; Actors – Eleonora Duse, Cedric Hardwicke; Ambition; Audiences; J. M. Barrie; Beaumont and Fletcher; Mrs Patrick Campbell; Censorship; Costume and Make-up; Critical Abuse – plays; Criticism; Critics; Directors; Epitaphs; Finance; Insults; Irving; Vivien Leigh; Plays; Playwrights; Playwrights – Maeterlinck, Marlowe; Shakespeare; G. B. Shaw; R. B. Sheridan; Telegrams; Ellen Terry; Oscar Wilde SHERIDAN Richard Brinsley

1751–1816 Irish politician and playwright (The School for Scandal, The Rivals) Critics; Plays; Purpose; R.B. Sheridan SHERIDAN Thomas 1719–88

Irish actor; father of R.B. Sheridan Actors – Thomas Sheridan SHERWOOD Robert 1896–1955

American playwright (Abe Lincoln in Illinois, Tovar i ch)

The Lunts SHOALES Ian b. 1949

American critic Musicals SHULMAN Milton 1913–2004

Canadian-born British theatre critic for the Evening Standard Critical Abuse – actors SIDDONS Mrs (nee Sarah

Kemble) 1755–1831 English actress. The foremost tragedienne of her generation Sarah Siddons; Technique SIDDONS William 1744–1818

English actor, husband of Sarah Siddons Sarah Siddons SIGNORET Simone 1921–85

French actress Actors – Hedda Hopper; Shakespeare’s plays – Macbeth SIMON John b. 1925

American theatre critic Critical Abuse – actors; Insults SINDEN Donald 1923–2014

English actor Advice SKINNER Otis 1858–1942

American actor Barrymores (Maurice) SKINNER Cornelia Otis 1902–79

American actress and diseuse Teleg r ams SMITH Dame Maggie (Natalie) b.

1934 British actress Beginnings SOTHERN Edward Askew

(Douglas Stewart) 1826–81 English actor who worked


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