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successfully for long periods in the United States Quick Thinking SPATE Roger

Contemporary British journalist Critical Abuse – actors STANISLAVSKI Constantin

(Sergeivitch Alexeyev) 1865–1938 Russian actor/ producer/teacher; developed a scheme for teaching acting technique based on the psychology of the characters portrayed and the actor’s innate capacity for selfexpression. This was later developed by Lee Strasberg as ‘Method’ acting Advice; Insults; Method Acting; Technique STEPHENS Yorke 1862–1937

English actor Critical Abuse – actors STERN G. B. 1890–1973

American journalist The Lunts STEVENS Ashton 1872–1951

American writer Actors – Bea Lillie STEYN Mark

Contemporary British journalist Musicals STEYNE Geoffrey fl. 1917

American actor Critical Abuse – actors STIRLING Fanny 1813–95

English actress famous for her comedy roles Actors STOPPARD Tom b. 1937

Czechoslovakian-born British playwright (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Jumpers) Critical Abuse – plays; Plays; Playwrights – Tom Stoppard STOREY David 1933–2017

English playwright (Home, The Changing Room) Critical Abuse – plays STRACHEY (Giles) Lytton

1880–1932 English biographer Oscar Wilde STRASBERG Lee 1901–82

American director/producer/ teacher; founder of the Actors’ Studio in New York where he worked with actors using the methods developed by Stanislavski Method Acting STRINDBERG August 1849–1912

Swedish playwright (Miss Julie, The Dance of Death) Playwrights – Strindberg STUBBES Philip d. 1593

English Puritan pamphleteer Opprobrium SWAFFER Hannan 1879–1962

American critic Critical Abuse – plays SWINBURNE Algernon C.

1837–1909 English poet and critic Playwrights – Marlowe; Oscar Wilde


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