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Reputation WOLFIT Sir Donald (Woolfitt)

1902–68 English actor-manager with a flamboyant acting style who toured widely in Shakespeare and the classics Quick Thinking; Shakespeare’s Plays – Twelfth Night; Touring WOOD Peggy 1892–1978

American actress Insults WOOLF Virginia 1882–1941

English novelist (To the Lighthouse, Orlando) Playwrights – Aphra Behn WOOLLCOTT Alexander

1887–1943 American actor/playwright/ theatre critic for the New York Times, member of the Algonquin Round Table Audiences; Sarah Bernhardt; Mrs Patrick Campbell; Critical Abuse – plays; Insults; Playwrights – Feydeau, Wilder; Telegrams; Touring WOOLLEY Monty 1888–1963

English actor Actors – Monty Woolley


1640–1716 English Restoration playwright (The Country Wife) Playwrights – Wycherley WYNDHAM Horace 1873–1970

English writer Melodrama

YATES Mary Ann 1728–87

English actress Critical Abuse – actors YEATS W(illiam) B(utler)

1865–1939 Irish poet and playwright Mrs Patrick Campbell

ZANGWILL Israel 1864–1926

English-born Jewish writer G. B. Shaw ZEFFIRELLI Franco b. 1923

Italian theatre and film director Olivier ZIEGFELD Florenz 1869–1932

American producer and Broadway impresario Producers – Ziegfeld ZOLOTOW Maurice 1913–91

American writer First Nights; Oscar Levant


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