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84 Almog Behar: Exploring Ronny Someck 87 Ronny Someck: Eight Poems, translated from the

Hebrew by Eran Edry 92 Mona Yahia: Matches, a short story 105 Lital Levy: Reading Samir Naqqash 110 Samir Naqqash: Shlomo the Kurd, Myself, and Time, an excerpt, translated from the Arabic by Zeena Faulk 124 Hadas Shabat Nadir: The Quest for Home, the Quest for

Identity: The Jewish-Muslim Prospect in Eli Amir 130 Eli Amir: The Bicycle Boy, an excerpt from the novel,

translated from the Hebrew by Eran Edry 133 Nael el-Toukhy: Complete but unfinished – on translating

Chahla and Hezquel from Hebrew to Arabic, translated from the Arabic by Jonathan Wright 138 Almog Behar: Chahla and Hezquel, an excerpt, trans-

lated from the Hebrew by Dan Cern and Eran Edry 150 Orit Bashkin: Shalom Darwish (1913-1997) Gender and

Intersectionality 152 Shalom Darwish: In the Year 2532, a story translated from the Arabic by Uri Horesh 155 Mati Shemoelof: Can’t Prostrate myself at my

Grandmother’s Grave, a poem translated from the Hebrew by Eran Edry 158 Reuven Snir: “Religion is for God, the Fatherland is for

Everyone” – Anwar Sha’ul and the Rise and Demise of Arabic Literature by Jews 165 Anwar Sha’ul: Me and the Unknown Other Half: Which of

Us Sought the Other? translated from the Arabic by Zeena Faulk 172 Ishaq Bar-Moshe: Iraqi Days, an excerpt from his novel

Ayyam al-Iraq, translated by Jonathan Wright 176 Orit Bashkin: Secularism, Spirituality and Reform – Ya‘qub

Balbul 182 Haviva Pedaya: “Baghdad”, a poem, translated from the

Hebrew by Howard Cohen 189 Almog Behar: On the Poetry of Haviva Pedaya

BOOK REVIEWS 192 Trino Cruz reviews Poems of Alexandria and New York 202 Susannah Tarbush reviews The Madness of Despair 206 Hannah Somerville reviews Sarajevo Firewood 210 Fayez Ghazi reviews Foolishness as No One Told It by

Samir Kacimi


Berlin International Literature Festival 222 CONTRIBUTORS

Haviva Pedaya

Sami Michael

David Semah

Anwar Sha’ul

Almog Behar


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