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Te s 26 NOVEMBER 2021


Be a bit selfish Why teachers need to learn to put themselves first sometimes, and how to ace your interview for school leadership


Have I got news for you? Tes’ 10 questions: newsreader and TV host Samira Ahmed talks about why she loved secondary, and snogging on a school skiing trip


Parking purgatory What action can a school take to tackle parking and traffic congestion problems at drop-off and pick-up times?


Ofsted overdrive Key news stories you may have missed this week, from Ofsted ramping up inspections to Covid tracing and the cost of uniforms


Swapping GCSEs GCSEs are coming under fire – but if your school wants to move away from the qualifications, what choices do you have?



Mind your language Demanding the use of standard English and received pronunciation in schools can be harmful to pupils, experts warn

Children of the Blitz The Second World War caused school closures and education disruption – so what can we learn to help Covid catch-up?

Next week The funding crisis What happens when a school runs out of money?

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