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Good COP bad COP? After Glasgow, one thing is clear: it’s time to target the banks Bill McKibben


Share and share alike Big Pharma needs to put people’s health above its profit margins Sarah Boseley

A doomed dream of splendid isolation Britain is treating France with disdain—at its own cost Gérard Errera

Gender wars A lawyer and a philosopher respond to seven propositions Robin White & Kathleen Stock

The toppling of an editor Now Geordie Greig is out, the Daily Mail is set to revert to type Jane Martinson

Poisoned by aspic The National Trust is strangled by conformity. It needs to change Julian Glover

March of the phallocracy Nine Elms and the planning rules destroying London Deyan Sudjic

The ecstasy of sanctimony Decent discourse is dying—and cancel culture is the new blood sport Fintan O’Toole

Gen Z, explained How the young are coming of age Roberta Katz, Sarah Ogilvie, Jane Shaw & Linda Woodhead

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