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CONTENTS Poems Allis Hamilton A Pindari Day

Tomaž Šalamun / Lacquer



Brian Henry The Right of the Powerful Prayer Vacation Matilde Campilho / from Arrow

Daniel Hahn Matilde Campilho / Rome Rose

Robin Myers Leo Boix A Prayer

Grandmother Prays to the Grotto Virgin




Ralf Webb of Costa Bonita

On Waking

Going West

Tiff any Atkinson Good




Zakia Carpenter-Hall She Found God in Herself and She Loved 26 Her Fiercely The Gold Price Sam Riviere Darken Fame 29 Safe Poem Old Dogs Stanley Moss Alas, My Compass 31 Paul McMahon What Man Doesn’t 35 Asmaa Jama exit strategies 36 Emily Bludworth from The Pelvic Bone 38 de Barrios Joe Dunthorne His hands, do they receive blood? 41 Book launch Vodyanoy Kit Fan Delphi 44 The Poetry Society Annual Lecture m. nourbeSe philip: Small Islands Long Poems or the unEpic 46 of Small in the Spiraling Memory of History

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