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22 DREAM LOGIC Writer, artist, photographer and filmmaker Emma Elizabeth Tillman’s work is rooted in what she calls

“the specific wisdom of women.” In conversation with actress Lola Kirke, Emma discusses claiming authorship and ownership over her work and her body, accessing creativity, and how beauty can be found in any quotidian thing. Self-portraits by Emma Elizabeth Tillman

Interview by Lola Kirke

32 WE ARE THE WEAVERS In an intimate email exchange with actress and environmental campaigner Alison Sudol, geographer,

writer and poet Teju Adisa-Farrar examines the intersections between race, climate and distributive justice. In a world that has failed to recognise the connection between these issues, Teju offers opportunities and suggestions for us all to move through the world in a kinder, more just way. Words by Teju Adisa-Farrar and Alison Sudol

40 WHY DO WE BELIEVE IN MAGIC? Over the past two years, magic has withdrawn indoors, away from the communal, and with this withdrawing, its validity is more tenuous because magic relies so heavily on community support. Poet and therapist Katie Ebbitt gathers wisdom from practitioners, modern witches, poets and writers to better understand why we need magic, when we don’t, and ultimately, why we should want it.

Words and interviews by Katie Ebbitt

Art by Mystic Mamma


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