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BEST PARTNER FOR BUSINESS GROWTH Funding the Gap: Building Bridges for Troubled Times Interview with Mr. Paresh Raja, CEO of Market Financial Solutions

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION European Banks Need to Step Up Their Application Modernisation Agendas Alfred Escala Sisquellas

FINANCIAL REGULATION European Banking: In Pursuit of a Common Culture Interview with Director Professor Thorsten Beck of Florence School of Banking and Finance

FINANCE 5 Ways to Improve Cross-Border Payments and Meet the Growing Need for Immediate Results Michael Sharp

BANKING Don’t Miss Out on the Rise of Banking as a Service Paddy Vishani

HOSPITALITY A Profile of Dr. Jeffrey O

INVESTMENT Property Investment: Better Than a Pension? Pedro B. Água

ENVIRONMENT The Emergence, Present and Future of Pandemics in Consideration of Climate Clara Seitz, Rosimar Bernal, Elisa Ledermann, and Michael Palocz-Andresen

SUSTAINABILITY Towards Green Transformation In The EU – With The Support Of Technology Vlad Surdea-Hernea and Beste Budak









EUROPE Europe's Current Skills Shortage - How to Upskill Employees Quickly Tanya Boyd

FUTURE SERIES Refining the search for executive talent in Europe Interview with Daversa Partners’ Wendy Colvano - Director & Head of Europe

FINANCE The Push for, and Rewards of, Greater Board Diversity in the Financial Services Sector Emma Bartlett and and David Jones

COMMENTARY Entropy Law: Understanding The Challenges Of Closed-Loop Supply Chains Gilles Paché

WORLD TRADE World Trade Threatened by Unilateralism Dan Steinbock

FINANCE We Need to Talk About Finance’s Xenophobia Problem Ivan Zhiznevskiy

LANGUAGE English and Covid: A Language Meets a Pandemic Roger Kreuz

SUSTAINABLE FINANCE Rethinking The “S” In ESG: The Inclusive Finance Imperative Aurelie L'Hostis

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