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54 Simon Caldwell

66 Diary


Entering the Twofold Mystery: On Christian Conversion by Erik Varden 56 Jeremy Black Cornwallis: Soldier and Statesman in a Revolutionary World by Richard Middleton 57 Owen Matthews The Long Song of

Tchaikovsky Street: A Russian Adventure by Pieter Drinkwater 58 Anthony Mould Constable: a Portrait by James Hamilton 60 Arabella Byrne

On Paolo Sorrentino’s The Hand of God 61 Theo Hobson

Nick Thomas 67 The Garden Let there be Light! Cha rlie Hart 68 Baddesley Clinton On the new murals beautifying Warwickshire Michael Hodges 71 Richard J Ounsworth The Bible isn’t for covering up 72 Dutch Adrian The Pope nobody wanted

Ray Cavanaugh

74 My road to Mount Athos In search of answers to personal questions Mark Jenkins 78 Faith amidst the ruins The Iraqi Christians protecting one of the world’s oldest churches

Tom Westcott 81 On Pilgrimage with …

Tom Holland

Can today’s novels do God? 62 Michael White

On Verdi, Berlioz and more 63 Gertrude Clarke On Netflix series

Stories of a Generation

Februar y contributors

Janine di Giovanni is an author and journalist. Her latest book is The Vanishing: The Twilight of Christianity in the Middle East (Bloomsbury) Ray Cavanaugh contributes to Catholic World Report, 1843 and the Guardian Jeremy Black is the author of George III: Madness and Majesty (Penguin) Dominic Sullivan is head of Classics at the London Oratory School Maria McFadden Maffuci is editor-inchief of the Human Life Review Tom Westcott is a Middle East-based freelance journalist who has contributed to the Sunday Times and Middle East Eye


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