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philosophical canon – nothing, of course, apart from gender.”

73 Beyond Free Will: An Alternative Paradigm in Existentialism
 Donovan Irven “Freedom cannot be a property of the will, for freedom is the ontological condition that makes willing possible.”

81 Jakob von Uexküll’s Concept of Umwelt Tim Elmo Feiten “Uexküll’s notion of Umwelt has deeply unsettling consequences for the way we understand the world and our place in it.”

85 Post-Post-Racialism: or the Evolution of Race-Thinking
 a conversation with Paul C. Taylor “The burden of the philosopher is not to provide a blueprint for political action but to create a richer sense of possibility for people who are thinking about political life.”



95 Rationality is Me Jason Blakely reviews Rationality by Steven Pinker “Pinker’s neglect of ethics and political philosophy is tightly related to his having almost nothing to say about the rationality of storytelling disciplines as such.”

101 The Wartime Quartet Elly Vintiadis reviews Metaphysical Animals by Clare Mac Cumhaill and Rachael Wiseman and The Women Are Up to Something by Benjamin J.B. Lipscomb “These four women had a common project: to defend the objectivity of ethical statements and to bring philosophy back into the real world.”

109 Seeing Civil Disobedience like a State Eraldo Souza dos Santos reviews Seeing Like an Activist by Erin R. Pineda “To see civil disobedience like an activist – or, more specifically, as a civil rights activist – is to see civil disobedience as a decolonizing praxis.”

114 What Counts as Philosophy? Joseph Vukov and colleagues review Doing Philosophy through Science Fiction Stories edited by Helen De Cruz, Johan De Smedt, and Eric Schwitzgebel “Is there something essential to philosophy that gets missed in pursuing it through stories?”



119 Philosophy in the Real World Overheard Conversations Adam Ferner “Within capitalist economies, products – including heart-rending songs of protest – are abstracted out of context.”


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