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21 Spotlight

Nytt Land

C r e a t e

N o t

D e s t r o y

S h i f t

V i s u a l

L a b

40 The Rumba Kings

36 Viking Music

R o n n y

Z e i s b e r g

UPFRONT 06 Top of the World CD 09 Bonus CD:

MOST Balkan Music 10 What’s New 16 Folk Focus 18 Introducing…

Gonora Sounds & Alai K 20 Songlines Encounters

Festival 2022 21 Spotlight: KOG

(Kweku of Ghana) 22 Simon Says 23 Letters

FEATURES 24 Ibibio Sound Machine

The Afro-funk group talk language and positivity 30 Imarhan

A new generation of Touareg rockers 34 Knight & Spiers

The folk giants on their latest collaboration 36 Viking Music

Meet the artists diving into Norse mythology 40 The Rumba Kings

Documenting the Congo’s most popular musical export

REVIEWS 46 Africa 48 Americas 52 Europe 58 Asia 59 Middle East 60 Fusion 66 Books 67 Classical & Jazz 68 World Cinema 71 Live Reviews

REGULARS 72 My World:

Elvis Costello 74 Beginner’s Guide to

Le Vent du Nord 77 Postcard from

Islay, Scotland 78 Dispatch from

Bangkok, Thailand 79 Quickfire 81 My Instrument:

OKI and his tonkori 83 Gig Guide 87 Overseas Festivals 89 Soapbox 90 Essential 10:

Myth & Folklore Inspired Albums

“Access to everything is a gift as often as it is not, it smooths rough edges, erases distinctions,

ft hs ons,

renders the unpredictable routine, stifles surprise” Gerald Seligman breaks down the current status of the global music scene, see p89

nt 9

81 OKI an

81 OKI and his tonkor tonkori

M a s a t a k a I

s h i d a



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