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1st Quarter 2022 ISSUE 57 AN IC PUBLICATION

Banking in Cameroon ABK Awards – historical review Banks pivot to AI Country Focus: Senegal and South Africa

Digital revolution sweeps West gital revolutio sweeps West gital revolutio African banking sweeps West frican bankin sweeps West

Interviews: Diane Karusisi – Bank of Kigali Nick O’Donohoe – British International Investment

Paulo Gomes – Orango Investment Corporation Alain Law Min – Mauritius Commercial Bank

Gwen Abunaw – Ecobank Cameroon Christopher Marks – MUFG

Profile: Dr Slim Feriani – Djibouti Sovereign Fund

EUROZONE €8.00, UK £6.00, USA $9.95, CFA Zone CFA5.000, Egypt E£80, Ethiopia R200, Gambia Da400, Ghana GH¢40.00, Kenya KShs800, Liberia $8, Mauritius MR300, Morocco Dh60, Sierra Leone LE 70000, South Africa R50.00 (inc tax), Tunisia DT7, Uganda USh30,000, Zambia ZMW 100, Other Southern African countries R49.00 (excl tax), Tanzania TShs20,000.

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