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The Wire Tapper 58 Your track by track guide to this issue’s free CD

Turkish psychedelic electronic traditions., ambient textures, leftfield electronics, new age ethereality and progressive synthesizer appreciation.,

New York. Created in collaboration with Laraaji and fellow sound healer Arji OceAnanda, this NOUS ensemble also included Thor Harris, Anthony Molina, Cecilie Hafstad, Shahzad Ismaily, Greg Fox and Grey McMurray.,

1 Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber “Lisala-Over-inna-Oakanda” From Angels Over Oakanda (Avant Groidd Musica) Founded and conducted by the late writer and Wire contributor Greg Tate, improvisational collective Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber channel the acid funk/jazz spirits of Miles Davis, Sun Ra and Parliament-Funkadelic through a loose line-up that has welcomed more than 40 members. Featuring Lisala Beatty, Marque Gilmore the inna•most, Satch Hoyt, Leon Gruenbaum, V Jeffrey Smith and Jared Michael Nickerson, “Lisala-Over-inna-Oakanda” appears on Angels Over Oakanda, a four-song suite of conducted improvisations and home studio orchestrations. burntsugarindex. com, burntsugarthearkestrachamber.

3 Atomvulkan Britz “1974–1973” From Privilegoland (John Steam/Edelfaul Recordings) Making their debut in 2019 with the home-recorded Zarya EP, Atomvulkan Britz are the Berlin formed duo of Gary Flanell (bass), who runs the DIY label John Steam Records, and Sun Ra Bullock (drums), co-founder of Edelfaul Recordings. Recorded and mixed by Edelfaul’s other founder Ilia Gorovitz and released collaboratively by both labels, the group’s first album Privilegoland offers a dub-informed take on stripped down distortion and post-punk nearinstrumentals.,

5 Catherine Graindorge “Iggy” Unreleased (tak:til) Belgian violinist, violist, composer and actress Catherine Graindorge has performed with Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Debbie Harry and Mark Lanegan, among other artists. She also plays with the Belgian instrumental trio Nile On waX (formerly Nox), and composes for theatre, dance and cinema. Combining strings with harmonium and electronics, her John Parish produced second solo album Eldorado was released on the Glitterbeat Records imprint tak:til in October 2021.,

7 Fhunyue Gao & Sven Kacirek “Dub Garden (Birds Why)” From Hoya (Altin Village & Mine) Hoya is the first record from Switzerland based stage director, performer and musician Fhunyue Gao and Germany/ Kenya based Sven Kacirek, whose past collaborators include Shabaka Hutchings, Ogoya Nengo and John McEntire. After first meeting on a dance project in the Netherlands, the pair started creating music for theatre. Recorded at Kacirek’s Hamburg studio, Hoya grows from these explorations, with layers of Buchla synth and theremin counterpoised by marimba, percussion, electronics and piano.,,

2 God Is God “The Song Pt 2 (Video Edit)” From Metamorphoses (Bureau B) Electronic duo God Is God consists of Turkish musician, producer and Kinship label founder Etkin Çekin and Belarussian multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer Galina Ozeran, who started making music after meeting in Berlin in 2015. Their debut album Metamorphoses is the product of their second ever improvisational encounter: an undulating, low bpm avant pop journey combining dancefloor-adjacent electronics with Eastern European and

4 Uzu Noir “Jx-Q” From Zo! (Keravan Ääni Ja Levy/Uzu Noir) Uzu Noir is the alias of Finnish producer and audio engineer Antti Uusimäki. Credited on numerous releases by Circle and spin-off group Pharaoh Overlord, Uusimäki also served as an in-house engineer at London’s Eastcote Studios, working with Brian Eno, Tindersticks, Guapo, Natacha Atlas and others. “Jx-Q” is taken from his solo EP Zo!, exploring

6 NOUS with Laraaji and Arji OceAnanda “Ceremonial” From Circle Of Celebration (Our Silent Canvas) Created by composer, producer and Our Silent Canvas founder Christopher Bono, the collaborative experimental ensemble NOUS aim to build communal musical relationships. Circle Of Celebration is the fourth and final instalment from the improvisational A Musical Rite sessions held at Dreamland Studios in upstate

8 Hinako Omori “Ocean” From a journey… (Houndstooth) Born in Yokohama and now living in London, producer and synthesist Hinako

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(5); Christopher Bono (6); Fhunyue Gao/Sven inovitch lie Rab

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