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Omori performed with artists including Kae Tempest and Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien before making her solo debut in 2019 with the single “Voyage” and the EP Auraelia, which was inspired by the visual distortions caused by migraines. Combining the sounds of the Prophet 08 and Moog Matriarch synthesizers with augmented vocals, a journey… also draws upon her training as a sound engineer by making extensive use of binaural field recordings. hinakoomori. com,


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9 Nick Luscombe & James Greer “Oya” (excerpt) From Oya (MSCTY_Editions) Nick Luscombe and James Greer are field recordists, sound hunters and producers working in the UK and Japan; their agency MSCTY Studio produces sonic responses to place. Sharing their output via MSCTY’s website and a monthly radio show on Resonance FM, they have also released on Nonclassical, Flaming Pines, Squib Box and more. Oya is an installation commissioned by the city of Utsunomiya, home to the prized oya stone whose sounds can be heard here., jamesagreer. com,

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10 Hannes Buder “Georgia’s Delight” From Outside Words (Laaps) A member of the duo Nothingness and the trios Zug Zug and Gravity as well as a composer for dance, theatre and film projects, Hannes Buder also develops his own sounds utilising the cello, electric guitar and his voice. Born in the former German Democratic Republic in 1978, he merges musical backgrounds and concepts that couldn’t be further from one another, yet converge in a certain necessity and directness. His latest album Outside Words appeared in December 2021 on the Laaps Records Ann label.,

11 Rival Consoles “Overflow” From Overflow (Erased Tapes) As Rival Consoles, London producer Ryan Lee strives for an organic, humanised synthesizer sound, often drafting his ideas on acoustic instruments. His live AV show featuring self-programmed Max/ MSP visuals has featured at festivals including Sónar, Moogfest, Mutek and Roskilde, while in 2019 he scored the Black Mirror TV series episode “Striking Vipers”. After using hand-drawn shapes and patterns to aid the creation of the 2020 album Articulation, he composed 2021’s Overflow for choreographer Alexander Whitley’s contemporary dance production of the same name., 12 Mzylkypop “Witches In These Parts” From Threnodies And Ad Hocs (Unreleased) Mzylkypop is the project of Michael Somerset Ward, an early member of Sheffield industrial funksters Clock DVA who also recorded with Was (Not Was) and is the songwriting element of Sweet Exorcist/All Seeing I member Richard Barratt’s politico house outfit Crooked Man. Featuring vocals by Sylwia Anna Drwal, “Witches In These Parts” is taken from Mzylkypop’s second album, Threnodies And Ad Hocs. discus-music.

13 worriedaboutsatan “An Absolute Living Hell (Part 1)” From Bloodsport (This Is It Forever) worriedaboutsatan is the alias of

Yorkshire native Gavin Miller, based in Saltaire near Bradford. Active since 2006 – in both group and solo forms – worriedaboutsatan blend post-rock styles with electronic rhythms and layers, with new album Bloodsport taking a more gnarled, aggressive turn than previous releases. In recent years, Miller’s music is perhaps best known for soundtracking the Adam Curtis BBC documentary HyperNormalisation. worriedaboutsatan.,

14 Flaty “Transparent Thought” From Intuitive Word (Gost Zvuk) Evgeniy Fadeev aka Flaty is an electronic musician, producer and AV artist from Moscow and the founder of ANWO Records. Over more than 15 years Flaty has produced both solo projects (Dada Ques, AEM Rhythm-Cascade, Wrong Water, Ocurob) and collaborative studio albums (FFAA, SERWED, Square Fauna, WAXP, Untitled Gear, Kosaya Gora). Flaty also broadcasts his explorations at the intersection of sound, technology and visual arts in the form of live AV performances through his ANWO creative platform. producedbyflaty,

15 Jack Sheen “Sub One” From Sub (SN Variations) Composed for a lopsided group of flutes, bass clarinets, trombones, piano, percussion, violas, white noise and field recordings, composer-conductor Jack Sheen’s debut album Sub shuns traditional ensemble formats in favour of mid-range saturation. With nods to minimalism and ambient music, each of the 11 movements are a self-contained ecosystem, with sections of the ensemble split into autonomous entities that tussle and circle around one another. Recorded in July 2021, the album is Sheen’s first collaboration with Octandre Ensemble and conductor Jon Hargreaves.,

16 Netherworld “The Beauty Of Places Where There Is Nothing To See” (excerpt) From Vanishing Lands (Glacial Movements) The alias of Rome producer Alessandro Tedeschi, Netherworld’s soundscapes are mainly composed through extreme manipulations of fragments of classical music and field recordings of Arctic wind, ice and the aurora borealis. Tedeschi is also the founder and artistic director of Glacial Movements Records, whose catalogue includes releases by Loscil, Bvdub, Aidan Baker, Machinefabriek, Murcof and many others., glacialmovements.

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