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Interview: A new cosmic constitution

Who upholds the law beyond Earth? Space Law expert Professor Chris Newman talks post-launch legislation.





This month’s contributors Jamie Carter Astronomy journalist

Rod Mollise Astronomy author

Niamh Shaw

Science writer

“My latest trip to find the darkest skies in Wales took me to an International Dark Sky Park and along the Cambrian Mountains Astro Trail, a paradise for stargazers.” Jamie enjoys deepest, darkest Wales, page 66

“I’ve been observing the deep sky from cities and suburbs for years and have seen many beautiful objects. The secret to my success? Mostly perseverance” Rod reveals the deep sky targets to see from city skies now, page 28

“After a 50-year wait, humankind is finally making its way back to the Moon with the Artemis I mission, and I can’t wait!.” Niamh catches up with the final preparations for the landmark lunar mission, page 34

DIY Astronomy: Make a solar projector Download extra images, plans and diagrams to help with this month’s DIY solar observing project (see page 74).

Plan your observing for the month ahead

Download charts to record your observations of the planets and take this month’s binocular and deep-sky tours.

The Virtual Planetarium

Pete Lawrence and Paul Abel guide us through the best sights to see in the night sky this month.

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