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Thu, 08 Dec 2016

British Archaeology partners with Exact Editions to launch groundbreaking new digital archive.

LONDON 8th December 2016

British Archaeology, the UK's most talked about archaeology magazine, has partnered with digital publishing specialists Exact Editions to launch its complete 21-year archive.

As of today, leading institutions such as universities, government departments, colleges and libraries will be able to instantly access all issues, dating back to 1995, via the app or online. This allows users to browse more than 150 issues on their preferred device, with IP authentication allowing users access both on and off site.

Exact Editions’ in-depth search technology allows users to get the most out of this vast resource. Users can search for a term across a specific issue, year, decade or the whole archive, and then also to bookmark the relevant pages. Every single word is covered by the Exact Editions search system.

The launch of this archive will give readers, with a passion for human prehistory and a desire to explore the vast and rich history of the field, the opportunity to engage with the all the latest developments within British archaeology: whether it’s remaining up to date with recent TV documentaries, book publications, gaining access to interviews with industry specialists or following the progress of current excavations.

See British Archaeology in the Exact Editions store to discover more about a subscription to this invaluable archive and be the first to know about the contents of each newly released issue:

Exact Editions' Managing Director, Daryl Rayner said about the launch:

“We are thrilled to work with British Archaeology to make such a rich resource available to individuals and institutions worldwide. The magazine looks fantastic online as well as on the app and will certainly be an invaluable resource to archaeology enthusiasts!”

David Moore, Communications Officer of British Archaeology said:

“This exciting collaboration with Exact Editions will help further the aim of The Council for British Archaeology to not only involve people in archaeology, but also to promote the appreciation and care of our historic environment for the benefit of present and future generations.”

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