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Mon, 26 Apr 2021

British Museum Completes 30-Year Digital Archive of Membership Magazine

London, 26th April 2021

British Museum Completes 30-Year Digital Archive of Membership Magazine

The British Museum has launched a complete digital archive of their membership magazine in partnership with digitisation experts Exact Editions, stretching back 30 years to the first issue published in 1990. The vital resource is not only accessible to individual members through the Museum’s website but is also available to universities and corporations through cutting-edge institutional subscriptions that give users unlimited IP-authenticated access to over 90 issues and counting.

Founded in 1753, the British Museum is the oldest and greatest publicly funded museum in the world, exhibiting two million years of human history and culture. Published three times a year, the pages of membership title British Museum Magazine include striking visuals alongside museum and exhibition insights, research news and historical features.

The intuitive functionalities of the Exact Editions platform, including remote access options and an advanced search function, allows students and museum professionals alike to access a treasure trove of in-depth editorial content from the complete archive at the touch of a button across web, iOS and Android devices.

The complete archive of British Museum Magazine is available in the Exact Editions institutional shop here:

Institutional Shop

Membership Manager Claire Byfield commented: “We’re thrilled that the archive has now been completed and can be browsed and enjoyed by members and institutions around the world. Old print issues have been brought back to life and turned into an essential tool for all those who are interested in our work.”

Managing Director of Exact Editions, Daryl Rayner, remarked: “In creating this digital edition, the British Museum has brought an important resource into existence, which will undoubtedly serve as a valuable record of the exhibitions and findings of the world’s oldest museum.”

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