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Mon, 02 Sep 2019

Ethical Consumer Magazine Launches New Digital Archive

London, 2nd September 2019

Ethical Consumer Magazine Launches New Digital Archive

Ethical Consumer, a leading alternative consumer magazine, has collaborated with digital archiving experts Exact Editions to create a brand new digital edition. Fully-searchable and shareable at the touch of a button, the new archive that spans 11 years will be an indispensable read for any independent thinker.

Serving as the hub of the ethical consumer movement for over 30 years, every issue of Ethical Consumer features detailed product guides, the latest news on ethical products and campaigns, opinion and comment pieces, boycott updates and readers’ letters. In a mission to increase sustainability in global business, encourage campaigners to challenge corporate power and to help businesses to improve their supply chains, every issue of the bi-monthly publication offers a wealth of information, inspiration and resources for consumers to make simple and effective choices.

Newly digitised for the institutional market, the brand new archive benefits from a range of cutting-edge tools designed to allow for a seamless browsing experiences on web, iOS and Android platforms. Its search, bookmark and sharing facilities will permit users to delve into and distribute the magazine’s message loud and clear.

Ethical Consumer is available in the Exact Editions institutional shop here:


Tim Hunt, co-editor of Ethical Consumer, commented: “We’re thrilled with the new digital edition; it serves as a vehicle to spread our message further afield and encourages readers to interact with and share the wealth of information accessible at the touch of a button.”

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions, said: “Ethical Consumer is an excellent addition to the platform. 11 years of the magazine’s insightful content will serve as an indispensable digital tool for institutions to provide vital information to those interested in sustainable consumerism.”

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