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Tue, 29 Nov 2016

MuseumsEtc partners with Exact Editions to launch digital books service.

LONDON 29th November 2016

The distinguished publisher MuseumsEtc has today partnered with digital publishing experts Exact Editions to launch a brand new service, delivering digital books to institutions.

MuseumsEtc is the foremost publisher of books aimed at museum and gallery professionals, offering curated collections that examine the pressing issues in the museums sector today. As a result of this digital launch, 60 of the most prominent titles are available for institutions to acquire via the Exact Editions digital platform. Books on topics ranging from museum management and strategy, to curation and education, are included in the collection on the new digital platform.

As one of the leading publishers in the museums sector, MuseumsEtc books’ being available in digital format for institutions fills a huge void for libraries, galleries, and any other organisation that may want to offer access on a wide ranging basis. The Exact Editions platform offers access seamlessly across web, iOS and Android apps. Each can be acquired individually via the Exact Editions shop, or as a whole collection. The digital access includes IP authentication, with unlimited usage numbers, including support for remote access, using the state of the art web reader.

The MuseumsEtc can be found in the Exact Editions institutional shop here: -

Graeme Farnell, Publisher at MuseumsEtc said about the digital launch:

“At MuseumsEtc, we are excited to be able to offer our books digitally with Exact Editions. These new digital editions expertly showcase the original content, while enhancing the content for digital and institutional use.”

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions said about the launch:

“ Exact Editions are proud to bring the MuseumsEtc books to a new and expanding market. MuseumsEtc fit well with Exact Editions range of titles, with in-depth, expert writing that will prove popular for institutions.”

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