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Thu, 21 Apr 2016

Prospect launches complete digital archive.

LONDON 21st April 2016

The leading monthly magazine Prospect has today announced the launch of its complete 21 year archive in conjunction with digital publishing specialists Exact Editions.

Since its launch in 1995, Prospect has provided insightful and cutting edge analysis in politics, current affairs, and economics. As of today leading institutions including universities, government departments, colleges and libraries will be able to instantly access all 250 issues ever published via the app or online. Users can search for a term across a specific issue, year, decade or the whole archive. Every single word is covered by the Exact Editions search system.

From the October 1995 launch issue with features by Andrew Marr and Andrew Adonis, through to the launch of the World Thinkers feature in 2005, right up to Brexit and the U.S Presidential race in 2016, every single issue and article in this respected monthly publication can be viewed at the tap of a key or flick of a finger on a wide range of devices including. Read what Prospect wrote on how Barack Obama’s opportunism won the Presidential race in 2008, and ahead of the EU referendum on 23rd June, what the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee said about Britain’s relationships and opportunities with Europe and the Commonwealth back in 1997. 20 years on and the debates are strikingly similar.

With this unique resource, Prospect offers an invaluable source of in-depth, politically balanced writing for subscribers who can obtain site wide licenses from Exact Editions.

Using Exact Editions digital platform, the complete digital archive of Prospect can be browsed across iOS, Android and web devices, using the advanced search technology. You can download the iOS app for Prospect, including the archive, here -

Bronwen Maddox, Editor of Prospect said about the archive launch:

“Prospect is delighted to be able to offer our full archive. It is exciting to explore the magazine in such an instantly accessible manner and users, whether from an academic, business or personal perspective will treasure this wealth of insightful writing.”

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions:

“The Prospect archive is a fantastic resource. Such a wide ranging magazine with fascinating content works a treat using the Exact Editions search platform, and displays excellently on the mobile apps.”

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