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We make it easy for you to read your magazines across digital platforms.

Exact Editions makes magazines and their archives accessible, searchable and usable across web and app platforms. The Exact Editions system processes PDF files supplied by the publisher and stores images and text in a database, ensuring that the digital edition of the title looks exactly the same as the print edition.

The digital editions boast a comprehensive search function, sharing facilities and are fully-linked for an interactive and seamless reader experience.

Are you a publisher looking to create a digital edition? Visit the Publisher Site.

Cross-platform Access

Subscribers can purchase and read new and archived magazine issues through the Exact Editions website and app platforms.

Our Subscription System

With a digital subscription through Exact Editions, readers benefit from instant access to the archive and all new issues of a magazine that are released during the period that the subscription is active, rather than purchasing individual issues.

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